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Silence is Golden

I’ve just come back from a 10-day silent meditation course. I did my first one in 2012, and it was the best thing I have ever done - I don’t say that lightly. I’ve since done five of them, as well as an 8-day course and the odd 1-day course. People often ask me what...

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Kissing Joy As It Flies

I just got engaged! For those of you who have known me a while, you will know this has been a looooong time coming. But amazingly, miraculously and magnificently, it finally has. Suddenly the world seems full of sunshine and rainbows - I walk around with a big cheesy...

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Five Steps To Build A Good Relationship

When I started blogging, I made the decision not to write about romantic relationships. My love life was pretty much non-existent, and it was an area I felt too vulnerable in to share. I still feel a bit uncomfortable writing about it, if I’m honest. My love life is...

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How I Plan To Become A Productivity Ninja

So far, January has felt like an impossibly busy month. After a fairly hectic Christmas break, it seems like there is just SO much to do, and my ‘to-do’ list surfaces in my dreams making me tired and inefficient during the day. When I’m feeling very busy, I start to...

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Where is the happiest place to live

For as long as I can remember I've been going on holiday to Galloway.  It's in the south west corner of Scotland - a part of the country that's often ignored as people power up the motorway to Glasgow or Edinburgh and beyond.  My earliest memories are of staying in my...

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Does Having Children Make You Happier?

First of all - I’m not a parent.  I’ve always wanted to become one, but it’s taken me a long time to find my guy.  Now I’ve finally found him (hurrah!), we’ve started to have the odd conversation about the future and having kids. So after wanting them for so long, I’m...

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