Happiness MBA

The Happiness MBA is a 28-day intensive course. Through four 90-minute live workshops, we bring together evidence-based techniques from positive psychology, mindfulness and leadership research. 

This powerful online course will help you be happier, more productive, make better decisions, have more resilience to stress and become a more authentic leader.

  • The course is delivered live, through four 90-minute live workshops which you can attend and participate in. Recordings are available if you miss a session.
  • You will also get free access to the private Facebook group, where I make sure everyone receives personal attention and the help they need to develop their own happiness recipe. You can share updates and exchange ideas with other participants. 


  • I use evidence-based techniques from positive psychology, mindfulness and leadership research.

Why do the Happiness MBA?

  • It will increase your happiness (see testimonials below).
  • Happiness is linked to better decision making and more creativity.
  • Research indicates that happiness makes people around 12% more productive at work (while unhappiness reduces productivity by around 10%).
  • Both mindfulness and developing a healthy mindset has been shown to have a real impact on the way we process stress and what happens to our cortisol levels.
  • Learning your strengths and how to use them more will help you engage more and perform better. As shown by this study.

How is the course structured?

The Happiness MBA consists of 4 x 90-minute live online workshop sessions.  You can join these live or listen to the recordings in your own time.

Week 1: Happiness 101

A brief introduction to the science of happiness and a chance to practice some of the most effective tools for improving happiness, including gratitude practices, mindfulness and easy ways to improve connections with others.

Week 2: Mindfulness

This is a chance to try out mindfulness if it is new to you, and to understand the benefits better if you already practice it.  It covers how mindfulness affects the brain, as well as guided meditations and a chance to think about how to make your life more mindful.

Week 3: Know your Strengths

People who play to their strengths tend to be happier and more productive.  This session starts with the VIA questionnaire to help you work out your top strengths.  You can then explore how you might make more use of your strengths both at work and in daily life.

Week 4: Resilience to stress

How can you develop more resilience? What mindsets and attitudes will help you?  People who adopt a “growth” mindset are better able to treat criticism and setbacks as an opportunity for growth.  They tend to do better and achieve more.  This session examines how to develop a growth mindset, developing more resilience to life’s knocks.

What does the course include?

  • Four 90-minute live web-events spread over 28 days.
  • The freedom to work at your own pace
  • Helpful and fun weekly happiness activities to increase happiness
  • Key facts about happiness summarised and simplified
  • A downloadable journal to record your observations through the training

How much time do I need to allocate?

This course is highly practical and requires you to set aside some time for doing exercises at home. Be prepared to try out new activities and dedicate a minimum of 10 minutes daily to your happiness homework exercises.

What if i don’t like the course?

If you’re not completely satisfied after the first two sessions, you can get all your money back, no questions asked! You just need to email us and let us know. We trust you. So, you have nothing to lose!

Feedback from past course members:

“It helped me to focus on what makes me happy, my strengths and how to use them to be the best version of myself”

“I loved the whole thing but what I liked most was it was a very comfortable ‘space’ in which the group could participate on a very personal level.” 

“People were more vulnerable and open than I expected, and I appreciated that. I liked the mix of traditional mindfulness/meditation with current scientific findings.”

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