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Will Having a Child Make Me Happier?

So I wrote a blog about 10 months ago about whether children make you happier. It looks like I’m going to discover the answer for myself... I’m due to have a baby girl in November! I’m pretty apprehensive about it. In just over a year I will have gone from being...

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How To Survive Your Daily Commute

If I ever get ahead of myself, and start thinking how well I am managing to keep calm and happy in this crazy city, all I need to do is take the tube in rush hour. 20 minutes of having people barging past me, pushing their backpacks into my face as I try to find a...

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In Praise Of Italy

I spent my honeymoon in Italy. I chose it because I have a strong attachment to the country - I first went there when I was 21, and spent a lot of time riding around on the back of vespas with handsome young men. Then I returned in 2012, following a difficult time on...

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Why We Should Include People

Recently I was excluded from a group of friends. I know... this shouldn’t happen to an adult woman! It’s a boring story, which isn’t worth repeating, but basically I annoyed someone in the group and got knocked off the social media distribution. It was an interesting...

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