Happiness Plan 1-1

The Happiness Plan is a tailored coaching process running over 3 months to support you in creating a happier more fulfilling life. This is an intensive program, suitable if you are ready to make a profound shift and embed sustainable changes into your life.

The Happiness Plan includes:

One-to-one sessions over phone or Skype.


Each session is focussed to bring you closer to a happier more fulfilling life.


A clear focus on outcomes and practical Solutions.

How will we work together?

We start with a 2-hour deep dive where you are at and what you want to get out of the next three months.


  • Uncover the blocks you have to your happiness
  • Gain more understanding and clarity about your situation
  • Starting to design your personalised Happiness Plan


Together, we generate ideas to shift towards a happier more fulfilling life.


    • We make sure you are living a life true to yourself and test your assumptions about how you live
    • Assess the limitations you are facing
    • Finding a balance with your responsibilities to see what is possible given any limitation


We then meet for fortnightly sessions to take stock of progress and create the space to think clearly and logically about what will make you happiest in both the short-run and the long-run.


  • Over the 3 months, we can try a variety of tools to help you think more positively and creatively about how to get to where you want to be
  • It is both a space to talk but also a space to develop a clear focus on outcomes and practical solutions
  • After our sessions you will have more clarity and insights about your situation and your life goals and your next move.

“Izzy is an engaged and astute coach.  She helped me to navigate through some very challenging times by cutting through the stress and working with me to identify what was truly important in my life.  Her support and guidance encouraged me to take a new leap professionally, and land a great job.  Thanks Izzy!”

Sarah Lesniewski

Why Work with me?

I take a highly individualised approach with tried and tested tools to bring you closer to your vision.

Results focussed and passionate about changing peoples lives

Evidence based approach

Experience and insight from my journey and all those I have coached in the past.


“This is my experience of working with Izzy, yours will probably be quite different and very much tailored to you but I’ve no doubt that your outcomes will be just as positive and powerful.  

I’ve just completed session 3 of my life coaching course with Izzy. I’ve spent a lot of my life reassessing, self analysing and trying to find answers and fixes to some of the curveballs sent my way. I often feel that I should be fairly prepared for what life throws at me, however, at times I still feel a little lost and bogged down. I am fortunate that I have been able to work with Izzy as she has the ability to help me see things from a different angle and fresh perspective. Even things I’ve tried are given a new lease of life when used in the right context. Izzy has helped me to find myself again when I’ve lost my way and has the ability to make me see that I am still in there and that I’m doing alright.

I have found that nothing is rushed and she will pause and carefully consider what the next best step is in the conversation. She’s also very good at keeping the conversation on track if needs be and being firm with me if necessary; but not without checking that it’s ok to be first. This can be very helpful!

Overall I have a lot of respect and admiration for Izzy and feel privileged to have crossed paths with her. Her calm, positive, open and composed manner is surprisingly contagious and each time we end a session I feel lifted and thoroughly inspired.”  

Mel Simmonds

Assistant Manager, halow project

“Izzy started coaching me at the beginning of last year. I was going through a difficult time and looking for a new job. I’d be struggling for a while but with her help and guidance I began to see that there was a way out of it. She really helped me focus on what I wanted and made that seem achievable. Talking to her gave me the confidence and self-belief to continue with my job search. Thanks to her I now have a job I love but more importantly she gave me the confidence and support I needed to get there.

In my experience with Izzy, it is obvious that she cares deeply about the people she works with. She’s very intuitive and she used that to my advantage during my sessions; asking just the right questions and giving perfectly tailored advice.

Izzy excels in listening and giving constructive advice. She knows exactly the right thing to say to gently push your forward, whether that’s reassurance or corralling. I highly recommend her.”

Hannah Woolley

Editorial Assistant, The Physiological Society

“Isabella McRae is a wonderful human being and a great coach, her experience and passion for human behaviour is remarkable and unique. Thanks to her calm voice and attitude, I was able to express myself in a clear and free way, feeling calm and at ease and letting worries and problems go by. But, she is not only a great listener, she gives you the right advice and thought in the right moment, something that you carry along with you and that is useful immediately and later, I’m sure. I would definitely recommend Isabella McRae’s services, she can really make a profound difference in your perspectives and way of thinking and feeling.” 

Andrea Guadagnini