My background is in foreign policy (I was a diplomat for 13 years) and economics.  It might seem a pretty big switch to turn my attention to happiness, but there is a link.  My interest in economics got me researching the pros and cons of GDP growth as a measure of human progress, and questioning whether a focus on wellbeing might be more important.  That got me reading the work of Professor Sir Richard Layard at the LSE, and I started to work part-time for the charity he set up, Action for Happiness.  But my career change wasn't just the result of intellectual curiosity.  It was also a reaction to having had a difficult time both at work and personally, leading to me questioning what was important to me from the ground up.  It's hard to talk to others about happiness unless you are well acquainted with its twin - unhappiness.

I started meditating in 2011, and found that had a profound effect on how I wanted to live my life.  I realised that there were very practical things I could do to cultivate more happiness both at work and personally, and after a while it seemed like a worthy goal to help others connect with these things.  So far I'm doing this through on a one-to-one basis through coaching, on a group basis through the Happiness MBA, and on an even broader basis through the Gratitude Garden app.  World domination awaits.  

I've run workshops for the Nexus Youth Summit, the halow project, and the Foreign Office amongst others and I am working towards accreditation with the Association of Coaching.  I've just completed an Executive MBA at Oxford University.  

If you are interested in wellbeing courses, coaching, or anything else, please go to the contact page.