You ready?  OK, so here is something guaranteed to give you a little glow.  If not, I’ll give you your money back….oh, wait…

1. Get a pen and paper.

2. Think of someone who has been kind to you but you have never thanked properly.

3. Write them a note thanking them, adding a bit of detail about the qualities they possess that made all the difference, or the fact you were finding things tough at the time and they probably didn’t realise what a difference they made.

4. Send it, or call them up and read it to them. Do it!

You can of course send an email or text as well, but there is something about having gone to the effort of a handwritten letter that makes it even more special.  When I think about some of the people I want to thank, I feel a bit sheepish about it.  Actually, very sheepish.  Won’t it seem weird me writing to them?  It feels a bit un-British.

But then I can probably use a bit of dry humour to get past the awkwardness, and I know how incredibly special it is to receive a note like that.  So I’m going to go ahead anyway, risking being mocked as always.  Risking being mocked is no reason not to do things that make you and others happy.

If you need more convincing, there is an increasing about of evidence that gratitude letters promote happiness and life-satisfaction, and decrease depressive symptoms (see here).

OK, so here I go…Dear XXX…  You never know, it might be you!

P.S.  I hope you like the new rejigged site.  I’ve been getting it ready for when the app launches, which will be soon hopefully.  The app should come out in Canada soon, which allows me to user-test it in a limited market before I launch it worldwide.  If you are Canadian or you know people in Canada who might like it, please watch this space!

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