Most of these tips are pretty obvious, but the key is to take the time to think about what might work for you and make it a priority to try different ideas out. There is no one-size-fits-all tip, so be your own experiment.

1. Get enough sleep, exercise, eat well, don’t drink too much etc.

2. Spend some time outside every day, preferably in nature or as close to it as you can get.

3. Spend some time in contemplation every day.  Meditation has been shown to be hugely helpful (try an app such as Headspace or follow the course in Mindfulness in a Frantic World by Mark Williams).  Alternatively you could pray or go for a quiet walk on your own.

4. Learn a new skill or develop a hobby.

5. Invest in relationships.  Spend time with loved ones but also make time to connect with strangers – don’t be too busy to say thank you to shop assistants.  Invite people round.  Call old friends.

6. Do the odd random act of kindness e.g. pay for someone to have a coffee anonymously.

7. Do something creative.  Write a poem, paint a picture, make an exotic meal.

8. Make silly jokes. Keep humour around you even when things are difficult.

9. Keep a gratitude journal – note down three good things that have happened to you every few days or so.

10. Remember that everyone is fighting their own battle.  When people are unpleasant it’s very rarely personal – you just happened to be in their way.

Please let me know any tips of your own!

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