Action For Happiness had its summer get-together earlier this week.  We had been trying to find a date since June, but by the time we finally we got our collective act together it was time to make it into a Christmas-y thing complete with crackers and a Secret Santa.

The Secret Santa idea (which was mine by the way!) is the best ever.  Instead of buying a present, you give a card with your favourite things about the person.  You can go to town on the decoration or go simple and classy like the one I received (see above).  It was so nice to receive a little anonymous tribute, and to see the person I made a card for enjoy theirs.

Warm fuzzy feelings all round!

I suppose the idea only works if you are in a group of people that actually like each other.  But I think it can help smooth over wrinkles even if there are a few.  And it’s cheap!  I used this online generator to assign names – it’s a bit clunky but helpful if you’re all in different places.

It feels too early to wish you all a Happy Christmas, but it is Thanksgiving today, so Happy Thanksgiving instead!

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