I used detail from the three paintings above to make the Gratitude Garden app.  The originals have been sold but prints are available.  All prints are 61 x 46cm.  See below if you would like to purchase one.

Neville Sattentau

Neville Sattentau is an artist working in Hampstead, North London.  Nev worked as an illustrator/illuminator for twenty years making books on vellum for private patrons such as J.P. Getty and Naim Attallah. He used precious and semiprecious stones, and mineral pigments to produce his works.  Now he paints using egg-tempera on hotpress paper.  You can buy prints of the three works shown above if you scroll down.  If you are interested in an original artwork or seeing the full options of prints, you can contact him through his website.  

When he is not painting, he is tending his vast allotment on Hampstead Heath, obsessing over various ornamental carpets, or playing with his granddaughter (and my daughter), Lucia.